Newbe 06/16/2008

   If you are reading his you are most likely new. Since you are new, plese go to he comments type in your name, and I shall put it on the visitors page/area. On that page you can see who else has been here(don't put your last name!):). If you have a website, put it in the comments area, and I will put it next to your name so people will see it.


The Poll 06/15/2008

  Answer the weekly question(s). There may be one or more questions. Pick your favorite choice, them leave a comment. I will put the number of votes for each choice next to the choice. You can also leave ideas for the upcoming poll.  

What is your favorite pizza topping?



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  I'm Gwen:) and this is my site, duh. My favorite things are dogs, purple, happiness, ice cream, pizza, cake, orange soda, Saturday, my birthday, Halloween, drums, bananas, lacross, awards and webkinz. I hate reading, sadness, typing(so my cousin is typing this), fishlike foods, my little brother, Spongebob, football, and yellow. Now you(partially) know about ME! 'Cuz I'm awesome!  



      I'm awesome, and that is how it shall always be:)


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